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Chill Brands Group: A New Era For Vaping?

Chill Brands Group: Pioneering a Wellness Marketplace and Worldwide Distribution of Nicotine-Free Vapes

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In a dynamic and ever-evolving market, companies that can adapt and pivot are the ones that stand out. One such trailblazer is Chill Brands Group, a company that has recently made a significant strategic shift away from CBD products in the United States. Recognising the growing demand for wellness solutions, Chill Brands Group has re-positioned itself as a wellness marketplace, and at Associated CBD we'd like to think we know a thing or two about that!

Building on its success, the company is now setting its sights on the global stage, with a particular emphasis on developing and distributing nicotine-free vapes. In this blog post, we will explore Chill Brands Group's ambitious plans to introduce nicotine-free vapes to the US, UK, and beyond.

Meeting the Demand for Wellness Solutions:

Chill Brands Group's decision to shift its focus from CBD products to a wellness marketplace aligns with the growing consumer interest in holistic well-being. By curating a diverse range of wellness products, the company aims to cater to a broad spectrum (pun intended) of needs, providing individuals with alternatives to promote mental and physical wellness. With an established reputation for quality and a customer-centric approach, Chill Brands Group is well-positioned to capitalise on this emerging market.

The Rise of Nicotine-Free Vapes:

One of the key areas Chill Brands Group aims to explore outside of the aforementioned wellness marketplace is nicotine-free vapes. As the harmful effects of traditional cigarettes become increasingly evident, many smokers are seeking alternatives that offer the same satisfaction without the addictive substance. Nicotine-free vapes present a viable option, allowing users to enjoy the sensory experience of vaping without the dependency on nicotine. At Associated CBD, we have seen a steady rise in the sale of our vaping products, and most notably our range of disposable CBD vapes. You can see our top CBD vapes to buy here. The nicotine-free and CBD free vape market has expanded in recent years, and whilst we have some options, we’ve not seen anyone properly market and dominate this space. The plans for Chill Zero are incredibly exciting, and we are keen to get access to these vapes as soon as they become available in the U.K. The recent announcement seeing Chill partner with The Vape Group will accelerate the distribution of their vapes throughout the entirety of the UK so watch this space!

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Developing and Distributing Nicotine-Free Vapes:

Chill Brands Group has identified the United States and the United Kingdom as the initial markets for launching their nicotine-free vapes. These regions are known for their progressive regulatory environments and significant consumer demand for vaping products. By targeting these markets first, Chill Brands Group can establish a solid foundation for future global expansion, no doubt to Asia, The Middle East and beyond. The development of fantastic flavour profiles such as Lemon, Ice Mint, Passion Fruit and Grapefruit should help keep people coming back for more!

The company's development process prioritises safety, quality, and user experience. Through rigorous research and development, Chill Brands Group is committed to delivering high-quality nicotine-free vapes that meet the expectations of health-conscious consumers. Additionally, the company is exploring partnerships with reputable manufacturers to ensure compliance with stringent quality standards and regulatory requirements. Certainly in the UK, with the media frenzy we are seeing being whipped up around vaping, particularly in regards to underage sales (and rightly so), or poor ingredient profiles, placing Chill at the forefront of correct regulation, ingredients and quality standards will give them a USP to stand out from the crowd. We also know how recently the UK government and Public Heath England released a study stating:

 "E-cigarettes around 95% less harmful than tobacco estimates landmark review"

which you would imagine further plays into the hands of Chill with the prior statement of Chill's clear focus on quality, transparency and regulatory foresight.


To create widespread awareness and facilitate accessibility, Chill Brands Group will leverage its established distribution networks. By collaborating with trusted retailers, both online and brick-and-mortar particularly in the US, the company aims to ensure that its nicotine-free vapes are readily available to consumers across the US and the UK. Their existing network in the US from prior commitments for their chew pouches and smokes with the likes of Aatac, Smoker Friendly and Betterment RS, makes for no doubt some interesting developments to come over the next few months. Having the expertise of Eric Schrader on the board too, who knows a thing or two about consumer packaged goods, adds to what is looking like a pretty exciting combination on which Chill can thrive.

This strategic approach will foster brand recognition and drive demand, further solidifying Chill Brands Group's position as a leader in the vape space, but also to cross-sell into their developing wellness marketplace. Throw in a domain like (not jealous at all…) which is no doubt worth many multiples of what was paid for it, and you have quite a foundation on which to build.

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CEO Callum Sommerton: The Driving Force behind Chill Brands Group's Transformation

Successful business turnarounds often require strong leadership and strategic decision-making. Callum Sommerton, the CEO of Chill Brands Group, has proven to be instrumental in reshaping the company's trajectory. Under his guidance, Chill Brands Group has undergone a remarkable transformation, cutting costs, optimising operations, and shifting its focus to revenue generation. Moreover, Sommerton's vision extends beyond short-term gains, as he has diligently built a diverse revenue pipeline, including nicotine-free vapes, smoking cessation solutions, and a robust marketplace for wellness brands. Additionally, the acquisition of a valuable domain name has provided the company with an asset of immense worth.

Strategic Cost Reduction and Focus on Revenue Generation:

We had previous communications with the prior Co-Ceos Antonio and Trevor, and we were always keen to leverage the relationships we had as founders of a CBD marketplace with additional vested interests. We have previously sold Zoetic oils, hand creams, night creams with some success and positive customer feedback. This was further enhanced with selling Chill gummies, but we sold out of them rather quickly!

At this point we probably didn’t expect our paths to cross to the point they have done, but as a wellness marketplace with a similar business model, we see ourselves as complementary and supportive, rather than competitive in nature. Positive developments in functional mushrooms, CBD and natural wellness products is an ethos to push forward and champion, where the winners are the customers who can have such profound effects from these adaptogens and natural ingredients. You can check out some of our Trustpilot reviews to see how helpful many of these products have been to our customers, albeit CBD centric.

Upon assuming the role of CEO, Callum Sommerton recognised the need to streamline operations and optimise costs. Through diligent evaluation and restructuring, he successfully identified areas where efficiencies could be improved, resulting in significant cost reductions. By eliminating unnecessary expenses and reallocating resources strategically, Callum was able to enhance the company's financial health while maintaining a robust product portfolio. Recent fundraises in an incredibly difficult market environment highlight just how well respected and trusted Callum is. We knew he was a great fit for the company from the outset, and we were pleased he agreed to offer some supportive words for our very own investor deck. Our fundraising plans remain in the background for now, as we continue to make great strides and revenue growth with our current strategy without the need for financial backing, albeit we know we could accelerate our growth plans with the right funding in place.

Building a Diverse Revenue Pipeline:

Recognising the importance of diversification, Callum Sommerton led Chill Brands Group to explore multiple revenue streams. One significant avenue is the development and distribution of nicotine-free vapes. Sommerton's forward-thinking approach acknowledges the growing demand for alternatives to traditional cigarettes and positions Chill Brands Group as a pioneer in providing safe and enjoyable vaping experiences without nicotine. We know their plans include larger puff count vapes in the UK, which are far better for the environment and we find they sell better. We have sold a greater number of the larger puff counts, which of course we can as the CBD vapes we sell are all nicotine-free also! A great move that will pay dividends for Chill we're sure.

Moreover, Callum has recognised the potential in the smoking cessation market. A market said to reach circa $54 Billion globally by 2030. By offering innovative solutions and the foundation of CBD which should help with some of the addictive tendencies related to smoking. Chill can now help individuals transition away from harmful smoking habits, with various product offerings from themselves (smokes to vapes to gummies) or from the company's commitment to promoting wellness products within their marketplace. 

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Establishing a Marketplace of Wellness Brands:

Under Sommerton's leadership, Chill Brands Group has evolved beyond being a product-centric company. The CEO recognised the value of curating a marketplace that offers a wide range of wellness brands. By leveraging their extensive network and industry expertise, Chill Brands Group is able to connect consumers with reputable brands and products that promote holistic well-being. This marketplace approach not only expands the company's revenue potential but also establishes Chill Brands Group as a trusted destination for wellness products.


Chill Brands Group's decision to pivot away from solely CBD based products to establish itself as a wellness marketplace demonstrates its commitment to meeting evolving consumer needs. By introducing nicotine-free vapes to the US, the UK, and eventually other markets globally, the company is tapping into the growing demand for healthier alternatives. With a focus on safety, quality, and accessibility, Chill Brands Group is poised to make a significant impact in the wellness industry, providing individuals with innovative solutions that promote a holistic approach to well-being. We expect positive news to snowball from this company as 2023 continues, and we look forward to stocking their Chill Zero vapes on our marketplace very soon! In the meantime feel free to check out some of our other 1000+ products, from mushrooms to vapes to CBD oils, we have all wellness angles covered! 


One final line, to say Chill Brands Group is also a listed company on the London Stock Exchange, so you can follow and even join in their no doubt upcoming successes. As Co-founders here who know the CBD and investment landscape well from the likes of Love Hemp, Cellular Goods to Voyager, I think we can safely say we know where we'd be investing our cash!


Thanks for reading! Reach out directly via live chat or on Linkedin, or comment below with questions or thoughts! 



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