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Love Hemp CBD Oil Reviews

love hemp cbd oil reviews

In this blog, we look at all things Love Hemp CBD and focus on what products they sell, what we like about the company, the Love Hemp CBD reviews, and how it compares to some of their key competitors such as Cannaray CBD, Orange County CBD and Supreme CBD. We’ve also added a big discount code for our readers on all Love Hemp CBD products so read on! 

Who is Love Hemp?

Love Hemp CBD is a company that specialises in producing high-quality CBD products, including CBD oils, CBD gummies and edibles and CBD capsules. Love Hemp CBD came into the limelight soon after their major sponsorship deal with Anthony Joshua to become the face of the brand. Their belief in the powers of this incredible compound and dedication to providing customers the best CBD products on the market shine through.

One of the most popular sets of products offered by Love Hemp are their line of Love Hemp CBD oils. These CBD oils are made using the finest, organically grown hemp and are available in a variety of concentrations and flavours to suit the needs of customers. Love Hemp CBD oils are known for their purity, potency, and effectiveness, making them a favourite among our customers at Associated CBD. Love Hemp CBD oil reviews have been very positive, with many customers praising the oils for their ability to reduce feelings of stress and anxiety, manage pain, and improve sleep. These are all common benefits we see customers talk about for CBD in our Trust Pilot reviews, so no surprise that a high quality CBD brand is leading to similar experiences.

Love Hemp CBD oil reviews

Here we are going to focus on our favourite Love Hemp CBD oils, based on a mixture of our own experiences and the data and testimonials we have had from our customers

 Love Hemp 1200mg Wild Cherry CBD spray

The 1200mg variety of Love Hemp oils come in a great range of flavours and is a high quality mid-strength oil. It makes a really good starter oil for someone new to CBD and we’ve picked out the Wild Cherry flavour here as it is a little more ‘out there’ than other flavours, but we could have picked Valencia Orange or Peppermint too as these also taste good.

Love Hemp 6000mg Peppermint CBD oil drops

For us, as an all singing all dancing CBD oil the Love Hemp 6000mg CBD oil is one of the best in the business. It is by no means the cheapest oil, but in terms of its strength and effectiveness it is one of the very best. We’ve never had a negative review and for customers that have looked for an oil to help with more significant ailments such as pain or arthritis, this has been the oil that has been rated highest. This Love Hemp CBD oil is 6000mgs a broad spectrum oil, with 0% THC and tastes great in the Peppermint flavour.

Love Hemp

Love Hemp CBD discount code for readers

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Love Hemp CBD Gummies review

Another popular product offered by Love Hemp CBD is their line of CBD gummies known as Jelly Domes. These gummies are a convenient and delicious way to incorporate CBD into your daily routine. They are made using the same high-quality, organically grown hemp as the CBD oils just mentioned, and are available in a mix of orange and berry like flavours to suit your taste. Like with the oils, Love Hemp CBD reviews of the Jelly Domes (gummies) have been overwhelmingly positive, with many customers praising the gummies for their delicious taste, texture and effectiveness.

We love the Love Hemp Domes as they certainly have a much softer texture than many gummies on the market. A much more melt in your mouth sort of gummy versus the more rigid chewy texture of say the Cannaray CBD Gummies, or the slightly harder and chewy texture of the Canndid Gummies. The Love Hemp CBD gummies are incredibly moreish which is a good and bad thing. It’v very easy to go through their small pack of gummies and that sadly will be a rather significant dose of CBD! Luckily you can find the small trial packs on Associated CBD for both the Love Hemp CBD Gummies and also their Love Hemp Chocolate Balls so you can very easily have a sample taste before buying a much larger box!

Love Hemp CBD capsules review

For customers who wish to avoid CBD oils or do not have that sweet tooth, the CBD capsules are a great alternative. They make dosing incredibly easy and they will have a slower release than other forms of CBD ingestion which can be useful as a pre-bedtime ritual. The Love Hemp CBD capsules will slowly be metabolite by your liver overnight and may be one of the reasons that the Love Hemp reviews state that customers are finding these capsules great for sleep.

You can also pick up the Love Hemp CBD capsules in a great range of strength options so you can get the perfect dose for your body and personal preference. We have the options of the 300mg, 600mg and 1200mg strengths and all in the 60 capsule size. A great range of CBD capsules and as always with Love Hemp, you know you are getting high quality CBD and always THC free.

Love Hemp CBD Oil

Love Hemp CBD the review

Love Hemp CBD believes in the power of CBD and are dedicated to providing customers with the best products on the market. Using the finest, organically grown hemp and all products being quality lab tested to ensure purity and potency. 

One of the things that set Love Hemp CBD apart from other CBD companies is their commitment to quality and their sporting focus. Their products are effective, pure, and safe and used by professional sports people across the UK. This commitment is reflected in the overwhelmingly positive Love Hemp CBD reviews that we have received from our customers. Many of our customers have reported that our products have made a significant impact on their lives, providing them with natural relief from a wide range of symptoms and conditions.

Love Hemp CBD alternatives

If you are looking for a genuine competitor to Love Hemp that has a similar reputation and profile we would have to say Orange County CBD or Cannaray will fit the bill the best. Interestingly Love Hemp and Cannaray are both brands that have started filling the shelves of many supermarkets like Tescos, Boots and Morrisons amongst others. 

Orange County CBD is certainly a competitor to Love Hemp when you take into account their huge range of products, strengths and flavours.They also boast the strongest CBD oil we sell the big bertha of Orange County CBD 25000mg! Not for the faint hearted! Full range of Orange County CBD is here!

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What CBD oils are best for anxiety?

This is a question which will depend very much on the user. We find just as many of our customers opting for a cbd isolate based oil as we do for those looking at full spectrum or even broad spectrum oils. It is very much a question that is best tested by each person to find which CBD oils work best for them. The common advantage to CBD full spectrum oils are in regards to the well known combination of CBD with other cannabinoids called the entourage effect. The combination of other cannabinoids with CBD are said to interact with one another to have a more profound impact. However on the flip side, we find many customers who want the purest form of CBD with no further cannabinoids and for these users a CBD isolate remains their best bet.

How much CBD oil should I take?

So this brings us full circle to the heading of the blog post. Well to be honest, ultimately it depends. If you are a new user, we would typically suggest trying a CBD isolate oil and going for a small dosage in the region of 10mgs. You can then build this up over the following days and weeks to test your tolerance and see how your body reacts up to a limit of 70mg. We always remind people that you can dose far higher than this, and there are studies that have supported its safety profile as high as 1500mg per day, but we would certainly not suggest anyone to do that!

I’ve taken CBD in small doses before but now I want to try CBD for anxiety, so what do you suggest?

For a more seasoned CBD user, we might suggest trying a broad spectrum of full spectrum CBD oil but would still look to start small with a dosage in the 10-25mg category. This allows any user to build up overtime and to really test how the CBD interacts with your body and if it really aids your sleep.

Can I take CBD everyday?

Yes, you can take CBD everyday and in fact building up CBD in your system overtime can give some of the greatest benefits as opposed to one-off dosages.

Which CBD Oil is best?

We like to think variety is an important factor, and that is one reason at Associated CBD we try to hold a wide variety of CBD strengths, types and products! There is no best CBD out there, it is about what works best for you and your body.

Are there studies that can support CBD helping with anxiety?

Yes, there are plenty of studies that support CBD having effects on anxiety and many of our customers have left positive reviews for how it has supported them in this way. Some of our  blogs look in more detail at these studies.

How much CBD oil should I take?

Well to be honest, ultimately it depends. If you are a new user, we would typically suggest trying a CBD isolate oil and going for a small dosage in the region of 10mgs. You can then build this up over the following days and weeks to test your tolerance and see how your body reacts up to a limit of 70mg. We always remind people that you can dose far higher than this, and there are studies that have supported its safety profile as high as 1500mg per day, but we would certainly not suggest anyone to do that!

Is CBD oil safe?

Yes, it is perfectly safe and legal to consume and all our products have a legal limit of THC below 0.2% and lab reports are available for all our CBD products.

Will CBD get me high?

No, CBD will not get you high as CBD is not the psychoactive element of Cannabis Sativa group of plants that gives the “high”. This is the THC element and all our CBD products for pain relief contain less than 0.2% THC as legally permitted in the UK.


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