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Boots CBD Oil Is Here But Should You Buy?

Boots CBD Oil

CBD Market Powers On

The therapeutic potential of CBD for common ailments like stress, anxiety, skin issues, and pain quickly spread by word of mouth, leading to a surge in its popularity in the UK. Despite cannabis and cannabis-derived products being banned for sale and consumption since the 1920s, specialist CBD stores began appearing on the high street after it was removed from the controlled substances list in 2016. As a result, the UK CBD market grew from £100 million to £300 million in just two years, and the number of users increased from thousands to millions. While word of mouth was the primary driver of CBD's fame, research was and still is slow to support the claims made by CBD users. This lack of clarity, combined with limited knowledge about CBD, led to the emergence of cowboy brands selling low to no CBD snake oils at premium prices. A study conducted on products sold by the retailer giant Holland & Barrett revealed that many mislabeled products were available on their shelves.

Who are Boots

Boots is one of the largest and most trusted health and beauty chains in the United Kingdom, established around 170 years ago. It’s rare to see a high street in the UK that doesn’t feature a Boots store. Because of their reputation, adding CBD products to their collection may further help remove any stigma people may feel about cannabis-derived products. Boots have even launched their own-brand affordable CBD Muscle Gel.

Why does Boots stock CBD oil?

In 2019, Boots initially stocked one brand of CBD, Dragonfly CBD, but has since expanded to offering 70 products from 13 different brands. CBD, short for cannabidiol, is a compound derived from cannabis plants and is one of more than 80 different phytocannabinoids found in cannabis, including THC, CBG, and CBN. While phytocannabinoids come from plants, endocannabinoids are produced in the human body and are named for their similarity to those found in cannabis. The Endocannabinoid System (ECS) was only discovered by scientists less than 30 years ago while researching the effect of cannabis on the body. This discovery was significant because it helped to explain how the body maintains balance. ECS receptors are present throughout the body, including on organs, immune cells, skin cells, and bones, which may explain why CBD has been reported to have such a wide range of benefits, from psoriasis and pain to insomnia. While much is still unknown about how CBD interacts with the ECS, researchers have made some significant discoveries. For instance, after CBD use, anandamide, a well-known endocannabinoid, was found to increase in the body.

Named after the Sanskrit word "ananda" which means "bliss" or "delight", Anandamide is commonly referred to as the "bliss molecule". It is highly desirable to have an abundance of anandamide in the body as it promotes feelings of happiness and well-being while also playing a role in memory consolidation, sleep, pain relief, and appetite. Various activities such as exercise, meditation, and massage are known to increase anandamide levels in the body. Unfortunately, this molecule is quickly broken down and reabsorbed by enzymes, leading to a short lifespan. Researchers have discovered that CBD can delay the reuptake of anandamide in the body, extending the duration of its positive effects. This is just one of the many ways that CBD may support health and well-being. Although research into the interaction between CBD and the numerous ECS receptors located throughout the body is still ongoing, early studies suggest that CBD could be effective in treating chronic diseases. Additionally, studies have demonstrated that CBD is safe and well-tolerated, with only minor side effects such as nausea, changes in appetite, and drowsiness reported.

What are the best CBD brands on sale at Boots?

Boots now offers an extensive selection of CBD products, ranging from oil sprays, drops, topicals, capsules, and gummies. Their most extensive product line is the CBD oil drops and sprays, which boasts thirty-seven different SKUs from nine different brands. In comparison, the other collections are more limited, with only nine topicals, including a Boots own-brand, six capsules, and three gummy varieties. Boots stocks several popular brands, such as Dragonfly, Green Stem, Healthspan, and Love Hemp, Cannaray and more. The main issue when buying from Boots is the additional cost as you are paying to buy in a retail store

So where can I buy Boots CBD oils?

That’s an easy one! Buy them from us of course. We have a wider range of CBD oils and strengths on sale than Boots, or Tesco and Holland and Barrett for that matter! And we can also do a pretty good job on price too, coming in significantly cheaper than all aforementioned stores! To get started, please check out one of our favourite brand collections, the wonderful Love Hemp CBD!


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What should i look out for when buying in retail stores or supermarkets

How many mgs of CBD

A CBD product should always be labelled with how much cannabidiol (CBD) it contains, and this should be backed up by a lab report. A lab report shows the CBD product has been tested to verify that the amount of CBD in the product matches what’s on the label. Brands should make their lab reports open to the public. We offer all lab reports on every product for sale at Associated CBD, so you know you are in safe hands!

Are there any other cannabinoids

CBD products come in three primary extract types: full-spectrum, broad-spectrum, and CBD isolate. CBD isolate, which only contains pure CBD, is typically less expensive than broad-spectrum extracts. Broader-spectrum extracts, on the other hand, contain additional cannabinoids such as CBG, CBC, and sometimes legal concentrations of THC. These added cannabinoids, along with hemp plant compounds like terpenes, are thought to enhance the potency of CBD's effects, referred to as the "entourage effect." It's important to verify the cannabinoid profile through a lab report.

Is the price too good to be true?

The price of a CBD product reflects mainly two things: the amount of cannabidiol it contains and the type of extract used. If you come across a low-priced CBD oil with high potency, it's most likely made with hemp seed oil, which contains only trace amounts of CBD. On the other hand, products made with CBD isolate tend to be more affordable than those using full- and broad-spectrum extracts. The cost of CBD is relatively high due to the expensive production processes involved. High-quality CBD products require sourcing CBD from quality, non-contaminated hemp plants, investing in advanced extraction equipment, maintaining GMP-standard facilities, and conducting testing. Reputable brands that prioritise producing premium CBD products will obtain third-party lab reports, source organic hemp, and use high-quality extraction methods.